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Indulge your canine companion with Puprazy Popcorn Nuggets – the healthiest food for dogs and a delightful microwaveable treat! These popcorn bites, packed with protein and calcium, make an ideal snack for every pup, especially older ones who might find traditional chew bars a bit challenging. Suitable for dogs of all ages, these Himalayan-inspired crunchy rewards are not only delicious but nutritious. Each pack is filled with 200 grams of popcorn nuggets, equivalent to 50 nuggets, ensuring ample treats for multiple rewarding moments.


Trust in Puprazy, as all our edibles meet FDA standards.

Natural cheese non puffed crunchy popcorn nuggets| Puppies, Adult dogs(200 g)

SKU: 364215375135191
  • LOW FAT HEALTHY TREAT FOR DOGS- Puprazy popcorn Nuggets are made with all-natural ingredients and are free from preservatives, chemicals, gluten, grain, lactose, and hormones. They are a great source of protein and calcium, making them a healthy snack for dogs of all ages

    DOG WEIGHT MANAGEMENT- Each nugget is low in calorie and has no additive or filler, making the average calorie consumption very less

    PERFECT FOR SENIOR DOGS- They are especially good for senior dogs who may find it difficult to chew on hard treats. The soft, chewy nuggets are easy for senior dogs to eat and digest


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