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  • How does Puprazy chew bar benefit my dog's health?
    Dogs, especially puppies, need proper nutrition to maintain their energy for daily activities such as playing, growing, working out, and nurturing. Protein is essential for their health, and it's comprised of 10 distinct amino acids. Our yak chews for puppies offer a rich 66% protein content with a balanced amino acid profile, accompanied by 1% fat, 9% ash, and 1% fiber, ensuring your dog's overall well-being. All of this information is presented in the English language.
  • What do I do with small leftover pieces of Himalayan Dog Chew?
    You can microwave a small leftover piece of the Himalayan yak cheese dog chews for 40-60 seconds until it expands. After allowing it to cool for approximately 2 minutes, these puffed pieces can be served to your dog. This information is presented in the English language.
  • What do I do if the chew is too hard for my dog?
    If the chew seems too tough for your dog, you can soak it in hot water for about 5-10 minutes. Afterward, dry the chew and let it sit for an hour before offering it to your dog. This is provided in the English language.
  • How do I store the chew once opened?
    Ensure the chew is thoroughly dried before storage. Keep it in a cool, well-ventilated space away from heat. It's crucial to prevent prolonged exposure to water or moisture, as this can lead to mold growth and the chew losing its firmness. Refrain from refrigerating. When stored under 68°F (20°C) with relative humidity under 50%, the product remains stable for up to 4 years. Avoid placing chews under direct sunlight. This content is presented in the English language.
  • What are the feeding recommendations for these Himalayan Dog Chews?
    Our yak chews for puppies are designed as treats and shouldn't replace regular meals. We suggest offering 2-3 chews weekly, or more for dogs that chew avidly. Ensure access to plenty of fresh water to balance the treat's dryness. This statement is in the English language.
  • Is milk good for dogs?
    While raw milk can be challenging for dogs to digest, when it's processed into Himalayan yak cheese dog chews, it becomes easily digestible. The manufacturing process removes lactose and whey protein. Given that many dogs are lactose intolerant, the chews' low lactose content of less than 0.5% is not harmful to them. This information is presented in the English language.
  • Are salt and fat not bad for dogs?
    Our chew contains less than 1% of fat as most of the fat and cream is extracted during the production phase. Salt is harmful for dogs only if it is consumed in large amounts. Rock Salt is used for brine washing the chews. Salt is not used for coagulation of milk. Whey/lime or natural citric acid is used to coagulate the milk.
  • What do you recommend for senior dogs?
    For senior dogs, we recommend dog popcorn which you can microwave and puff it into softer treats. You can also pamper them with our biscuits and protein powder.
  • What are the ingredients used to make the chew sticks?
    Yak and Cow Milk(7 gallons) + Lime(1 piece) + Himalayan Salt(1 pinch) = 2 pounds of Chews
  • How to find the right size chew for my dog?
    It completely depends on the chewing speed of our Dog. There is nothing like wrong size. If you give a smaller size to a bigger dog, chew will be finished faster and if you give bigger sized chew to a smaller dog then they will take more time to finish the chew. The general size chart is this-
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